TCEDA Supports Thayer County Businesses

TCEDA offers hands on help and support to businesses located within the county. We invite entrepreneurs with an idea, existing businesses and new ones to reach out to learn more about the ways we can help. Whether this involves helping with financing or making connections to key partners, we are here to listen and to lend a hand. 

Thayer County is made up of 11 cities with Hebron as its county seat. Located on the south line of Nebraska, Thayer County is known for an abundance of natural resources, which are partially used for agriculture. The sloping rolling hills and beautiful tarain offer plenty of space for growth and expansion. Companies like Cargill Ag, Norder Supply Inc., and others have used the combination of our natural resources, strong workforce and affordability to grow their businesses within the county. For example, Reinke Manufacturing Company of Deshler started in 1968, selling pivot irrigation rigs. They now employ over 400 people and are one of the four leading irrigation equipment manufacturers in the world.

Thayer County is Affordable for Businesses

From a business standpoint, living in Thayer County is very cost effective. The business climate is very strong and is made up of solid home grown companies that are 3 and 4 generations deep. Thayer county offers employment to the younger generation and is a good place to start your business. With 4 grocery stores, 3 high ranking school districts, and bars and restaurants in each city, Thayer county is an honest choice for businesses looking to grow and thrive. 

Thayer County offers state and county level incentives for growing businesses. TCEDA is readily available to make these connections and to provide additional business support. Whether a large corporation or a start up entrepreneur, TCEDA provides business planning, permitting, workforce recruitment, incentives, financing, and planning and zoning support. 

Incentives Programs

State Assistance

The State of Nebraska offers multiple incentive programs that include tax credits, tax exemption and grant opportunities that include:

Local Assistance

The TCEDA works hard to help local businesses and is dedicated to connecting businesses to local assistance programs.  TCEDA helps with business development by multiple avenues, including by offering access to a Revolving Loan Fund and Home Ownership Program and a New Construction program through SENDD.  Grants are available that allow TCEDA to purchase, oversee all renovation, then sell to the buyer.

Download the Nebraska Advantage Economic Development Incentives brochure here to learn more.

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