Thayer County, Nebraska Location Advantages

Thayer County, Nebraska is a border county, serving the entire Nebraska and Kansas market is an advantage for most business owners.

Nebraska Offers Easy Interstate Access

The transportation route connecting the west and east coasts (I-80) runs through Nebraska, making it possible to reach the majority of the U.S. within two days. Thayer County boasts 6 highways including 2 major US Highways. US Highway 81 is a major north–south U.S. highway that extends for 1,220 miles connecting York to Wichita. U.S. Highway 136 is a part of the United States Numbered Highway System that runs for 804 miles between Edison, Nebraska and Speedway, Indiana.

one and two day truck driving distances from Nebraska


The Union Pacific Railroad has their headquarters and largest rail yard in Nebraska. Our central location in the middle of the country has made us a logistics hub since rail first made it easy to transport people and products throughout the United States.

Air Travel

The county is in close proximity to 3 airports including Lincoln Airport, Omaha Airport, Grand Island Regional Airport, in addition to its very own local Hebron Municipal Airport which is continually making improvements to accommodate most business travel including airport hangar rental. Rotor Wings Aviation offers multiple aviation services including on-site maintenance and inspection.

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