Thayer County: Where all businesses grow and families thrive

Thayer County Economic Development Alliance (TCEDA) embodies the philosophy that we rise together. As a county, each of our unique communities have something special to offer, we compliment, not compete, and everyone wins when working as a team. This spirit of comradery defines our county and has been demonstrated by local citizens working together to purchase grocery stores and restaurants and to support generations of homegrown businesses like Reinke Pivots and local farms. Small businesses succeed here because of our supportive community environment, prime midwest location, low cost of doing business, room for expansion and a workforce that is proud to be part of our story. 

TCEDA works to help local businesses grow, to create workforce training programs, and to invest in the quality of life that makes Thayer County an incredible place to live and raise a family. From our strong school systems to beautiful parks, local restaurants and boutiques, historic train stations and the largest covered porch swing in the world - Thayer County has a lot to offer and that’s why generations of families have chosen to call our area home. We invite you to join them in growing your career, your business and your family here.