Thayer County, Nebraska Offers a Low Cost of Living

When it comes to improving your quality of life, lowering your cost of living is a good first step. Too many families are stressed because of high housing costs and expenses that appear to rise every year. Moving to Thayer County can turn back the clock. Our median housing price is just $77,850. It is possible to purchase a small starter or retirement home for less than that, with many homes in the $50,000 range. 

Groceries, utilities and transportation cost less in Thayer County as well. For families this can result in shaving thousands off of their monthly bills, leaving more money to spend living and enjoying life. Vacations, college savings, a hobby car… think of all the things that would be possible after lowering your cost of living. Then, contact TCEDA to learn more about the advantages of living in Thayer County and for help relocating.

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