Schools in Thayer County, Nebraska

Thayer County's school system works in cooperation with families and communities to not only promote academic learning, but to also promote the physical, environmental and social wellness of all of its students.   

These great schools in Thayer County promote a positive learning environment through community involvement with strong leadership.  Parents looking for safe school districts that place an emphasis on academics while providing plentiful opportunities for extracurricular involvement will be happy with all of the school districts found in Thayer County, Nebraska. In addition, education extends into the summer with many local students participating in summer camps.

In 2021, community funds and foundations across Thayer County worked with the Nebraska Community Foundation to conduct a Thayer County Youth Survey. Students from all three Thayer County school districts participated. The results of the survey reveal the prioriteis, values, and desires of the youth in our county as well as factors that may influence their decision to return or remain in Thayer County or Greater Nebraska in the future. We are so proud to say that our local youth ranked good schools, safety, and being close to family as their most important factors in choosing their ideal community. It's true... we all value the quality of life found throughout Thayer County. So come join us here in the Good Life!

Download Thayer County's Youth Survey results here.




Bruning-Davenport Public School Photo

Bruning-Davenport Public School

Deshler Public School Photo

Deshler Public School

Deshler Lutheran School Photo

Deshler Lutheran School

Thayer Central Public School Photo

Thayer Central Public School

Southeast Community College Learning Center Photo

Southeast Community College Learning Center