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Alexandria, NE

Alexandria: A Farming Community in Thayer County, Nebraska Alexandria is a rich agricultural area with dry land and irrigated crop land supporting corn, soybeans, milo, and alfalfa as well as cattle and hog livestock operations.   Alexandria is located on Big Sandy Creek and near the Little Blue River, a well-known historical region on the Oregon Trail where many early settlers passed through.  Alexandria’s founding families were involved with the Pony Express. Visitors enjoy camping and picnics at the Alexandria State Lakes. The Big Sandy Creek, on the immediate south edge of town, is scenic and easily accessible.  Union Pacific Railroad, is on the south edge of town. The ABC Railroad, whose name is derived  alphabetically from surrounding towns,  Alexandria, Belvidere, and Carleton, is located in Thayer County. The Union Pacific marks special occasions by  sending its antique steam engine through town....Learn More »

Belvidere, NE

Belvidere:  Train Town USA, A Beautiful Farm Community in Thayer County, Nebraska The second stop on the "ABC Railroad" was surveyed in 1872 at the time when the St.Joseph & Denver City Railroad was being built. The following year a post office was established and given the name "Belvidere," meaning "beautiful to see."  Today, Belvidere is a beautiful agricultural community with irrigated crop land producing corn, soybeans, milo, and alfalfa.  Most notably Belvidere is home to the Belvidere Whistle Stop train viewing platform.  Also located in Belvidere is the Thayer County Historical Society and Museum, which contains 14 historical buildings and sites that are important to Thayer County's history.  Belvidere and the surrounding area are rich in history dating back to the Indian encampments along the Big Sandy Creek.   COMMUNITY INFORMATION Village Clerk: Dianne Waldmeier Phone: (402) 768-7166 Email: dfwaldmeier@yahoo.com ...Learn More »

Bruning, NE

Bruning:  A Wildlife Restoration Community in Thayer County, Nebraska Wildlife enthusiasts visit  Bruning in hopes of spotting a Whooping Crane, the rare and endangered  tallest bird in America, where infamously 6 were spotted at Father Hupp Wildlife Preserve and Management Area just 2 ½ miles west of Bruning.   Bruning has worked diligently on restoring the wetlands and marshes in the area.  Although the economy in Bruning is tied to farming and agriculture, residents in the community understand that by preserving the native wildlife habitat and natural resources they are building a better foundation for farming the region in the future.  Architecturally, in 1900 through 1910, Herman Bruning built three large cement block and brick buildings; a hotel, a saloon, and an opera house;  all three are still standing as historic landmarks today.  Bruning remains a quaint agricultural town with Nebraska dryland and irrigated crop land used for producing...Learn More »

Byron, NE

Byron: A Historic Railroad and Farming  Community in Thayer County, Nebraska The story of Byron began with the coming of the railroad and as a "town divided," not only by the railroad, but also by the Nebraska-Kansas state line. The first building on the town site was the train depot, quickly following a general store and a hotel appeared simultaneously on the south side of the railroad, in Kansas. Byron has always been an active little town and quickly picked up the pace on it’s side in Nebraska to maintain equal growth.  Sitting on the Kansas border,  Byron is an active agricultural community with The Corner Market grocery store and Tillie’s Bar and Grill both provide top notch quality foods with smalltown hospitality. Community Information Address: 621 Thayer Avenue, Chester, NE Village Office Hours: No office hours Village Clerk/Treasurer: Courtney Farnstrom Email: courtneyfarnstrom@hotmail.com  ...Learn More »

Carleton, NE

Carleton:  A Historic Railroad and Farming Community in Thayer County, Nebraska Carleton,  the “C” on the ABC Railroad, is home to a strong farming community that places high stock in its agricultural roots. The conditions of the crops greatly influence the economics of the town, both in good times and bad. Without the farmers, it would not survive. Important businesses in Carleton include Cargill’s grain elevator and Aurora Cooperative who are working together with the farmers to deliver products around the world. Sidelines Sports Bar is another standout offering wonderful hospitality, great food and a fun atmosphere....Learn More »

Chester, NE

Chester:  A Farming Community in Thayer County, Nebraska A small village in south central Nebraska, where resident Stephen Epler from Chester, developed Six-man football in 1934 as an alternative means for small high schools to field a football team during the Great Depression. Miss Nebraska 2017, Allison Tietjen calls Chester home.  Chester earned its description as the small town with a big heart through it’s outpouring of love and support for an unknown nine year old boy whose body was found near Chester on Christmas Eve in 1985.  He was referred to as Little Boy Blue because his body was found in blue pajamas. Filled with beautiful people inside and out, Chester really is the small town with a big heart. Community Information Address: 621 Thayer Avenue, Chester, NE Village Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 AM-4:00 PM (1st -15th) Monday-Friday 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM (16th-20th) Closed (20th-remainder...Learn More »

Davenport, NE

Davenport:  A Farming  Community in Thayer County, Nebraska Discover the beautiful rural Southern region of Nebraska where the village of Davenport is located.  Historically Davenport was founded because of the Oregon Trail.  With fertile agricultural land and an ample water supply, Davenport is host to a thriving farming community mostly focused on grain crops and livestock.  Even with it’s small size Davenport offers something for everyone, including hunting, camping and nearby golfing. This is the “D” on the ABC Railroad and a place where train-enthusiasts watch in awe as the Union Pacific Railroad operates approximately 50 freight trains traveling through the city daily.  Close enough yet far enough away from the chaos of the city with Lincoln conveniently located just 100 miles NorthEast. Plains Tree Farm and Nutrien Ag Solutions are some of the city’s growing businesses. Davenport possesses solid community values, economic opportunity and affordable living for all! ...Learn More »

Deshler, NE

Deshler: A Historic Railroad Community  in Thayer County, Nebraska Escape to the warm inviting community of Deshler, a city in Thayer County, situated  in the heart of farm country in the far southern region of Nebraska along the Kansas border where cattle, grain sorghum and wheat are produced and raised.  Outdoor enthusiasts find wonderful hunting opportunities for pheasant, quail, deer and other small game as well as fishing for catfish in the nearby Little Blue River.  Thriving businesses offer vast opportunities. Consider that for five generations, the Cooper family has emphasized the value of working together to assess and respond to the needs of their customers at Midwest Bank in Deshler, while Reinke Manufacturing and Irrigation, a world leader in irrigation systems is headquartered in Deshler.   With its rich railroad history Deshler provides unique opportunities for businesses like Spring Creek Model Trains, one of the largest model train...Learn More »

Gilead, NE

Gilead:  A Historic Rural Community  in Thayer County, Nebraska Engage in the quiet beauty of this quaint rural village in southern Nebraska situated between the Historic Oregon Trail and the Rose Creek settlement.  Gilead began and continues as a prosperous farming region.   Carrying on  the tradition in agriculture where the area is mostly made up of dry land and irrigated crop land today  producing  corn, soybeans, milo, and alfalfa.  Enjoy a night out at the Historic “Pioneers Inn” restaurant situated in an historic 1887 limestone building with an old-fashioned ceiling-high wooden bar.  Drive down the country road to vist the remote Historic District 17 Rock School built in 1873 of native limestone rock....Learn More »

Hebron, NE

Hebron: The Porch Swing Capital Community in Thayer County, Nebraska The name Hebron means a place of refuge and that is just what you’ll find here in Hebron, the heart and County Seat of Thayer County, Nebraska.  Hebron is located  at the junction of Highways 81 and 136. You don’t have to drive to take in the view of the vast plains of Nebraska, with the Hebron Municipal Airport you can  fly in and out of town with ease.   The historic Oregon Trail is just north of the city and the Little Blue River runs through the southern part of town.   Lose yourself at the Arrowhead Garden Arboretum.  Take your friends and family to sit for a spell at the World's Largest Porch Swing.  Visit the Hebron Post Office to view the mural by Miss Eldora Lorenzini as part of the New Deal’s WPA Federal Art...Learn More »

Hubbell, NE

Hubbell:  A Historic Railroad and Farming Community in Thayer County, Nebraska Hubbell offers up authenticity with The Acreage Steakhouse, this real steakhouse serves some of the best prime rib, baby back ribs and beef brisket around. Hubbell may have been birthed by the Railroad years ago, now  it has turned its focus more clearly on agriculture.  One of the things that drew people to Hubbell was the good supply of water found on Rose Creek, so-named because of the wild roses that grew along its banks.  At that time, they used it for water power, and both a grist mill and a saw mill were established.  Hubbell is a rural southern village in Thayer County, Nebraska that continues to evolve and grow mainly as an agricultural area with dry land and irrigated crop land mostly raising corn, soybeans, milo, and alfalfa. Community Information Address: 307 Indiana St,...Learn More »