TCEDA says, "Thank You, Thayer County!"

TCEDA says, "Thank You, Thayer County!" Main Photo

23 Dec 2021


Dear Residents of Thayer County,

As we close out 2021, TCEDA would like to thank you for shopping locally, even through troubled times. It’s because of you, local businesses stayed open, and lights stayed on. It’s because of you your neighbors were able to keep their jobs. It’s because of you your county remained stable and we even witnessed economic growth from many businesses and companies. Thank you!

What is Economic Development?

Economic Development is about enhancing the quality of life for all residents by way of infrastructure, jobs, real estate, and community efforts. It’s the improvements of communities to evolve and make the county sustainable and prosperous. The four most important factors for economic development are:

  • Human resources - skilled, well-trained workforce producing a higher quality output
  • Physical capital - modern and well-maintained factories and equipment increasing labor productivity. 
  • Natural resources - utilizing and discovering more organic materials, such as mineral deposits, oil, water, etc.
  • Technology - innovative ways to utilize technology to increase production along with creating an affordable and accessible broadband network statewide.

Did You Know?

Local businesses are the backbone of economic growth, stability, and population growth. Each dollar spent is multiplied and repurposed by businesses within our communities and county in the following ways:

  • Supports nonprofits and clubs
  • Pays for ads in school calendars
  • Helps and sponsors fundraisers
  • Employs residents
  • Give local teens their first experience of employment.

So when we say, “Every dollar counts,” we mean it. As Jamie Luttrell of True Value Hardware said, “We appreciate people shopping locally and putting back into their community through employment, taxes, utilities, etc.”

More Benefits from Shopping Locally

As we enjoy the holiday season, we must remember it is also the biggest shopping season. Shopping locally matters daily and more so during the holiday season. With a prosperous holiday shopping season, businesses have the opportunity to financially bounce back at the end of the year. Your holiday dollars matter by helping such businesses withstand another year.

When you “Shop Local”:

  • Two-thirds of your money spent is recycled within the community
  • The environment is enriched by conserving energy and less waste from transportation and packaging
  • Tax dollars are conserved and reinvested within the community
  • Businesses listen to customers and grow to respond  (True Value’s expansion is a perfect example)
  • The community becomes unique and attracts new residents, visitors, and businesses
  • Entrepreneurs are allowed to see their dreams come true, opening the door for more business startups

Shopping local is a big part of why small business IS big business. The benefits outweigh any free shipping you may get from online purchases. :-) 


The spirit of Thayer County can be described as collaborative and supportive. As you decide what to buy the special people in your life, take a trip across our county to shop at many of our local businesses and purchase something exceptional. It adds to the meaning of the gift, and it doubles its impact.

If you’ve checked off your holiday list already, there’s still time to visit local businesses to say hello or have lunch with your favorite employee. A friendly face always brightens a busy workday. Remember to thank our local business owners as they continue to provide our county with so much more than what you’re paying for.

Thank you again, Thayer County residents, for shopping locally and stabilizing our economy. We could not have done it without you. 

We look forward to working with you to continue to drive growth throughout Thayer County in the new year. Happy Holidays from TCEDA! 

Carley Bruning
Executive Director, TCEDA

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