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6 May 2022


But first … Thayer County Economic Development Alliance (TCEDA) would like to send a huge THANK YOU to all small businesses as we celebrate National Small Business Week, May 2 - 7, 2022. Your tenacity and resiliency to start and stay in business has not and will never go unnoticed. It’s no easy feat to start and stay in business. We, as the economic development department, would be remiss not to acknowledge how much your vision, hard work and dedication are valued and appreciated. 

We also must make mention of ourselves for Economic Development Week, May 9 - 13, 2022. TCEDA is here to help promote and enhance a strong business community throughout the county. Another goal is to make Thayer County a prosperous one for current and future generations. Large companies were born here, small businesses succeed here, and we are a prime destination for young entrepreneurs. Every small business has the potential to grow and prosper in Thayer County. Contact our office to discuss ways you, too, can thrive in Thayer County.

All About MetalQuest

Saying, “MetalQuest manufactures metal parts,” only begins to describe the intricacies of their business and operations. MetalQuest has been a small business doing big business in and from Thayer County since 1996. Their customers come from many industries including though not limited to oil and gas, firearms, agriculture, construction, and commercial hydraulics. TCEDA wanted to shine a bright light on MetalQuest so we had a chat with their human resources director, Jolene Harms and marketing coordinator, Ashley Harms.

Why did MetalQuest choose Thayer County?
“Growing up on a farm in Thayer County, Scott Harms developed an appreciation for good work ethic at an early age. His roots in Thayer county paired with the outstanding work ethic of the midwestern population led him to open MetalQuest in Deshler. In 1999, as the company grew, MetalQuest moved its operations to a larger facility in Hebron.”

I understand MetalQuest expanded and opened in another location. What made you stay in Thayer County as well? Is there a difference between what each location manufactures/offers?
“MetalQuest’s headquarters in central Nebraska comes with many logistical advantages. Additionally, the talented team that Hebron has established in 25 years includes many individuals with roots to the area. Like our Nebraska location, MetalQuest’s Idaho location continues to grow and become more established. Currently, we are strategically developing strengths at both locations. Our goal for both locations is for them to be complimentary, with diverse capabilities at each location.”

MetalQuest in Thayer CountyDoes MetalQuest partner in production with other local businesses in Thayer County?
“MetalQuest utilizes manufacturers in the area that specialize in different outsourced processes.  For example, we partner with Metal Tech, who provides us with the powder coating necessary for many of the parts we manufacture. Additionally, Thayer County’s local businesses provide services that assist in our day-to-day operations, regularly helping us to satisfy customer orders.”

Your website promotes customer appreciation and a positive workforce. How do the Thayer County employees contribute to your goals of showing customer appreciation and maintaining a positive workforce?
“All our employees share in our mission to provide quality parts for our customers. MetalQuest employees take pride in the work they do, and every person on our team shares the goal of maintaining quality in every shipment that leaves the building. With this said, new team members don’t need to have manufacturing or machining experience. The primary qualities we look for in new employees are care for the work they do and attention to detail. We happily train every other skill required for the job.  

On the topic of maintaining a positive workforce, company culture and morale have always been important to us. MetalQuest management and employees at every level dedicate time and effort to ensure that employees are happy and challenged. This has helped us create and maintain a positive workforce.”

What are the future goals for MetalQuest in general and the Thayer County location? Is there anything Thayer County can do as a county/community to support/help MetalQuest achieve such goals?
“Our goals for the future are to continue our growth within all areas of our business.  Recruiting employees and building a quality workforce is our number one priority, especially in today’s labor market.  As opportunities to grow our business arise, our goal is to maximize on the ones that are a good fit for our company. 

Our hope is for Thayer County to make affordable workforce housing within our area a primary consideration.  We would like to see more available homes for our employees wishing to relocate as well as temporary housing options for visiting business leaders, interns, etc. 

What is one benefit to tell another business that was considering opening/relocating to Thayer County?
“The residents of Thayer County are hardworking, helpful and friendly. In addition to this, being located centrally in the US is advantageous from a logistical perspective. Ultimately, our location allows us to get orders to our customers faster. 

Additionally, the small-town environment means that everyone you need to talk to is within reach. It’s easy to form relationships and communicate freely with other business leaders within the community.”

What do you want everyone to know about MetalQuest after reading the article?
“We are hiring! We’d love for you to submit your application at MetalQuest/careers.

We love to educate others about what we do. If you’re interested in learning more about us, we encourage you to call us at 402-768-3800 or reach out on our website.”


Your TCEDA team applauds MetalQuest on their continued success, met with accolades that far exceed Nebraska’s and the United States’ borders. MetalQuest’s leaders play important roles on local, state, and nationwide committees and boards helping move the needle forward for all manufacturing while promoting Thayer County. TCEDA looks forward to continuing to work with MetalQuest to drive growth and prosperity for our local economy. Come be a part of an awesome company and a great county. Join us here in the good life in Thayer County!

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