Must-Attend Summer Events in Thayer County

9 Jun 2023


Summer is a time of year when community bonds strengthen due to the influx of community events. The days are long, the sun is out, the nights are warm, and residents’ spirits are heightened. Thayer County is no different. Within this unique place, the spirit of comradery defines the county. The individual communities within the county complement, not compete, to work as one team, one county. As stated on the website, “... we accomplish things together …”


July Joyride 2023

In the vein of togetherness, Thayer County partnered with neighboring Fillmore County to create the July Joyride program, which will run July 1 - 31, 2023. July Joyride follows in the footsteps of the Nebraska Passport Program. Both programs help passengers discover hidden gems in various communities through hop-on-hop-off transportation. July Joyride has designated stops at events, eateries, retail, and historical/recreational locations.

This month-long program will allow passengers the freedom of coming and going, while enjoying all that Thayer and Fillmore counties have to offer. You can view the list here to plan your route and see which businesses and locations are hop-on-hop-off stops.   

Must-Attend Summer Events

Thayer County invites residents, guests, and visitors to celebrate the summer here. From June through August, these summer events are guaranteed to offer memorable experiences. The more events attended, the more memories created.

June Events

  • Deshler - June 16th - 18th, Deshler Daze 
  • Chester - June 24th, Chesterfest
  • Belvidere - June 24th - 25th, TCHS Blacksmith Hammer-In

July Events

  • Hebron - July 4th, Hebron 4th of July Parade
  • Deshler - July 8th - 9th, Spring Creek Model Trains - Biennial Train Show 
  • Davenport - July 14th - 16th, Davenport Achievement Days 
  • Bruning - July 28th - 30th, Bruning Days

August Events

Deshler - August 9th - 12th, Thayer County Fair


Celebrate Your Summer with Us

The above list is only a portion of what Thayer County has to offer in terms of outside fun during the summer. To see other summer events not highlighted above and events beyond the summer, view Thayer County Events 2023. 

Thayer County is a small county thriving in this big world. We embrace midwestern living and uniqueness is part of our identity and trademark. We invite you to Thayer County to taste the good life this summer! 

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