Housing Projects Underway in Thayer County

Housing Projects Underway in Thayer County Main Photo

25 Aug 2023

Housing Projects Underway in Thayer County

Friday, August 25th

TCEDA is pleased to announce some big steps forward on our housing initiatives. On July 31st, the bidding process for TCEDA’s first three workforce housing house projects officially closed. The board is pleased to announce that the contractor we will be working with to build the first three houses is Jeffery Consulting. Deshler, Davenport, and Bruning will have one house built in each community. Each project will have a timeline of 1 year once initial work begins, and timeframes on the projects will overlap. “TCEDA is excited to start construction on these new homes. Housing is vital for the continued growth of Thayer County and this revolving grant program allows TCEDA to provide even more housing options within our communities in the future.” – Rebecca Stengel, Board Member. The fourth house project bid will open at a later date.

All three houses will be listed at $345,000. The Deshler and Bruning house applicants will need to meet income qualifications due to the Nebraska Affordable Housing Trust Fund regulations associated with the funds used to build. The income limits are determined by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development and update every year in late spring. To qualify, the homebuyer must be at or below 120% of the area’s median gross income. Once the buyer is approved, they do not have to requalify if new limits come out before they move in.

2023 Income for purchaser = Thayer County, NE

Household Size                       2023 Income Limit (Buyer makes at or below this number)

1 person                                  $69,960

2 person                                  $79,920

3 person                                  $89,880

4 person                                  $99,840

5 person                                  $107,880

6 person                                  $115,920

7 person                                  $123,840

8 person                                  $131,880

For more information on income limits or if you have questions about qualifying, contact Jim Warrelmann at SENDD – jwarrelmann@send.org.

The Davenport house has no income requirements due to the project being funded by the Thayer County Commissioners’ investment. Sale of any of the houses can occur before or after construction is complete, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you are interested in making an offer on one of these homes! TCEDA is also able to offer up to $50,000 in an affordability stipend loan depending on the needs of the purchaser.

“When I started at TCEDA in August of 2020, housing solutions was one of our top goals,” Carley Bruning, executive director stated. “These projects are just the beginning of our hard work, and we look forward to continuing to create more quality and affordable housing stock in Thayer County.” She continued.

Please join us for a ground breaking celebration on Wednesday, August 30th at 9AM at the corner of Alice and Railway in Deshler. We are excited to start these projects and continue growing Thayer County!


Photo: Example of a similar home provided by SENDD

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