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25 Apr 2024


April is National Volunteer Month. Whether a person is volunteering or interning, the one thing in common is effort being donated for a greater purpose. Volunteers offer their time and labor of love to further a cause or strengthen a community, like firefighters in rural communities and candy stripers at hospitals. Interns, sometimes paid, offer their time for professional development and advancement like students working in offices and going on hospital rounds with doctors. In both cases, manual labor of some sort is requested and expected, from hours on their feet in the sun to typing on a laptop at an office.

TCEDA says, “Thank You!”

Thayer County Economic Development Alliance (TCEDA), led by Executive Director Carley Bruning, is tasked with enhancing the county’s quality of life for future generations. Since accepting her position through 2023, Bruning has been the sole employee. She received greatly appreciated assistance year after year from work-study interns. Their dedication to service for the greater good of Thayer County helped Bruning forge Thayer County ahead as intended, and the work continues.

In 2021, Bruning met Paige Hansen through the Deshler Community Fund where Hansen was interning. Hansen always knew her future path included economic development in some aspect. When she graduated college and learned of an opening in Bruning’s office, she jumped at the opportunity.

Due to the wealth of work that goes on behind the scenes, as a two-employee department, TCEDA continues to flourish with the help of interns. The interns have helped Bruning and Hansen complete tasks sooner than expected while giving the interns unmatched work experience they can take anywhere after graduation.

Currently, TCEDA’s intern interviewed for the position knowing it would be a 40-mile drive. This type of dedication speaks to the reputation of TCEDA’s mission and the intern’s desire to learn, give, and grow. “Having an intern from outside the county showcases the depths of community,” - Carley Bruning.

Volunteer and Internship Opportunities 

The youth of Thayer County are intelligent members of the community with an eagerness to learn and prepare themselves for the future. While April is National Volunteer Month, a time to recognize and thank the dedication of service from within the community, TCEDA is also thanking the youth interns.

In 2021’s Thayer County Youth Survey: 

  • 40.8% said they are somewhat likely to live in Thayer County
  • 31.4% said they would only be in Thayer County due to family ties
  • 53.6% said job opportunities are the main reason to leave Thayer County

Through internships and volunteer work, these numbers can change for the better by showing the youth all that Thayer County has to offer from a different perspective.

If you would like to volunteer or intern, follow the links below for more information on how to sign up and give back to your community while enriching your knowledge.

Volunteer Options:

Internship Programs:

Visit Thayer County Economic Development Alliance to learn more about how we can support your business and contribute to Thayer County's economic success.

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