Celebrate the Summer in Thayer County

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12 Jun 2024


Summer is a favorite season for Thayer County residents because it enhances their community connection while embracing visitors, guests, tourists, and wonderful weather. With longer days and warm nights, pool parties, outdoor concerts, and other social gatherings are much more fun and last longer. Attitudes are joyful and smiles are everywhere.

For non-Thayer County residents, summer is also the best time for families to take vacations and create new memories while visiting Thayer County. Having one of the world’s largest covered porch swings, historical sites, classic trains, museums, and more, Thayer County offers a lot of unique activities for visiting families and tourists.

Must-Attend Summer Events

Thayer County invites residents, guests, visitors, and tourists to celebrate the summer here. June through August, the summer events are guaranteed to create memorable adventures. The more events attended, the more memories created.




  • August 4th, Races
  • August 7th - 10th, Thayer County Fair (a favorite among many) 
  • August 9th, Races

While Thayer County is packed with summer events, the two largest attractions are Chesterfest and Thayer County Fair. Between these two events and all of the other events throughout the county this summer, you will not be disappointed!

Chesterfest 2024 offers a pre-event event on Friday, June 21st this year. From 5:30 - 10 p.m., attendees can enjoy concession-hopping, bingo, an extreme foam party, and a sand volleyball tournament with a large concert happening Saturday night. Click here to find out the actual times of the events.

For more summer event information and other events throughout 2024, visit Thayer County Events.

Whether you are gearing up for the Thayer County Fair or want to see some classic model trains, there is something for everyone this summer. Choose your month, choose your event(s), and come visit Thayer County in Nebraska, the Cornhusker State. You’ve never had fresh popcorn until you’ve had it in Nebraska!

Celebrate Your Summer in Thayer County

Thayer County is a small county thriving in this big nation. We embrace midwestern living and its uniqueness is part of our identity and trademark. We invite you to add Thayer County to your travels and experience a taste of the good life this summer! We’d love to see you.

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