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Thayer County is Home to Reinke Manufacturing Co., Inc. Photo

Thayer County is Home to Reinke Manufacturing Co., Inc.


Manufacturing Day is the first Friday in October. Due to its impact, the observance extends throughout the month. Manufacturing (MFG) Month spotlights the industry by encouraging companies and schools to welcome students, parents, and the community into their world. The focus is to build the future workforce through educating today’s youth about the career paths and stability offered within the manufacturing industry.

Thayer County Economic Development Alliance (TCEDA) would like to  spotlight Reinke Manufacturing Company, Inc., the largest manufacturing company in Thayer County.

Reinke’s Beginning

In 1954, Reinke Manufacturing Company, Inc. (Reinke) was founded by Thayer County native, Richard Reinke. According to their website, Mr. Reinke started his company by manufacturing “structural components” for chicken houses and laminated rafters. Through the late 1970s, he continued to devise and formulate many advancements and first-time inventions. Today, Reinke Manufacturing Company, Inc.’s roots are planted deep in the irrigation industry, qualifying them as a prime partner for the farming and agriculture industry. 

Minute-Moment with Reinke’s President

We had a minute with Chris Roth, President of Reinke, to discuss Reinke’s relationship and connection with Thayer County. Here’s what he had to say! 

Why did Reinke choose Thayer County?

“… This was [Mr. Reinke’s] home. … We have since grown the company to 600 employees globally. In addition to our headquarters in Deshler, we have facilities in Kansas, Texas, Georgia, and Idaho. Internationally, we have locations in Argentina, South Africa, Romania, China, and Australia.”

What are the top three benefits, as a manufacturing company, Reinke experienced by staying in Thayer County?

  1. “Strong employee work ethic.”
  2. “Being in an agriculturally based area, it provides all of us the understanding of how important our products are to farmers.”
  3. “Supportive local government and schools.”

How is Reinke celebrating/acknowledging MFG Month in Thayer County, if at all?

“We are working on hosting four different high schools for tours. We, of course, will continue to support the welding program we have at Deshler Public School where one of our employees goes to the school every day to teach the high school [students] how to weld. We also use this same facility for adult education at night through a Southeast Community College class.”

Being that it’s Manufacturing Month and Reinke is the top manufacturer around, is there anything you’d like to add with regards to longevity and being stellar in your industry?

“Reinke has always had a long history of producing products that make life easier for a farmer. We keep our products simple and easy to maintain while also making sure they are the world’s finest irrigation system. Just last year we started selling two products, the ESAC and the maintenance-free pivot bearing that are now leading worldwide products. They were completely designed by our staff in Thayer County.

We also have great employees. Many of which have been with the company for decades. In some cases, we have [spouses] ... parents and their kids working at Reinke. That says a lot about the company but also the quality of people we have here.

Additionally, we give back to the community. Whether that being through our coaching at all levels from elementary through high school to our employees servicing and being members of schools boards, fair boards, community funds boards, and city councils.”


A quote from Reinke’s website, “We choose to remain in [Thayer County] close to our roots and our customers because that’s who we are.” 

TCEDA is proud that Reinke Manufacturing Company, Inc. finds value in having employees serve on our board of directors and housing committee. Partnerships like this help the TCEDA team continue to drive growth throughout Thayer County.

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