A Renewed Focus on Workforce Diversity

12 Jul 2021


While 2020 will certainly be remembered for the COVID-19 pandemic, the year also turned out to be transformative on the diversity and inclusion front (D&I). While much of the world sat socially distanced in their homes, we watched as our fellow Americans expressed outrage and grief over the gaps in opportunity and equity experienced by people of color. While it may have been expected that a global pandemic would shape site location strategy, is it possible that D&I initiatives would also alter the future of site location strategies?

A Wake-Up Call
With the social unrest and calls to action that 2020 brought, the year served as a wake-up call to American businesses that diversity was critical to continued success in this country. In addition to previously conducted studies such as a 2018 McKinsey & Company report finding that diverse corporate leadership leads to increased profitability, the social awakening of the general public demanded that companies become intentional about advocating for equity and acceptance.

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