Thayer County, A Prime Place

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12 Aug 2021


What does “prime” mean? Prime is the best possible quality or a state of being the strongest/most successful. With multiple communities under our belt and being less than a day’s drive from 13 major metropolitan areas, Thayer County is indeed a prime Midwest place in a prime Midwest location. 


In our corner of the United States, we agree with that old saying, “Home is where the heart is.” The spirit of Thayer County is collaborative and supportive with residents working together as a collective. Nothing is more heart-filling than knowing you are strengthening the community with your family and your neighbors by planting strong roots and making wonderful memories.

We are a county of 11 communities: Alexandria, Belvidere, Bruning, Byron, Carleton, Chester, Davenport, Deshler, Gilead, Hebron, and Hubbell. While each city has its uniqueness, Thayer County Mapthey all stand in being Thayer County proud. Residents from all 11 communities have worked together to build community centers, parks, and have purchased local eateries and a grocery store to keep them open in their communities. Our strong community bond adds another reason why Thayer County is a prime Midwest place.

We are rich in agricultural assets while being frugal with the cost of living and doing business. Employers bond with the community by helping to create amenities. What better way to ensure employee loyalty than for the employer to show their unity, as well? You guessed it. Another check for Thayer County being a prime Midwest place. 

We surveyed our high schoolers about Thayer County. While it didn’t surprise us, of the responses, approximately 80% were likely to return to the area after college. The idea of young residents who have so much of the world to see choosing to return is yet another reason why Thayer County is a prime Midwest place.

Don’t count Nebraska out. We have the land and the resources. We would like to share Thayer County with you and others. We welcome more people and businesses to come to Thayer County, plant new roots, experience all we have to offer and more. 

Location, Location, Location

Thayer County loves family: family trips, family drives, and family gatherings. We are central to some of the most sought-after road trip destinations.

For a raging city with much of a hometown feel, we are a quick 9-hour drive to Chicago. 

For a big city, New York-feel with southern appeal, we are a convenient 8-hour drive to Dallas/DFW Metroplex. 

If you have a shopper amongst your family, we are simply a 7-hour drive to Minneapolis. Can you say, “Mall of the Americas?” 

But wait, there’s more! We are less than a 5-hour drive to destinations like Omaha, Wichita, Kansas City, Des Moines, Sioux Falls, and Oklahoma City, OK.

A Birthday Coming Up

Did you know Thayer County will be turning 150 years old? Yep! August 21, 2021, will be a big celebration. Our 11 communities had and are having celebrations for their specific birthdays if you will. Yet the granddaddy party is what you don’t want to miss. Make sure to check our county tourism website's events page to learn about the activities scheduled for August 21st.

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