Thayer County Health Services: Keeping Thayer County Alive & Well

Thayer County Health Services: Keeping Thayer County Alive & Well Main Photo

7 Feb 2022


The three most important factors of economic development are:

  • Human resources - skilled, well-trained staff producing a higher quality outcome
  • Physical capital - modern, well-maintained facilities and equipment increasing labor productivity
  • Technology - innovative ways to utilize technology in helpful ways.

Thayer County Health Services (often called the hospital), is an economic development wonder of its own. The hospital has a skilled, well-trained staff, is a modern, well-maintained facility, and uses technology in innovative ways to enhance patient care. Because of all the hospital does for Thayer County, TCEDA wanted to share more about its impact on our community.

Minute-Moment with Jeremy Pearson

We spoke with the Public Relations & Marketing Director, new hire, Jeremy Pearson to get some insight about the hospital. Here’s what he had to say!

What is Thayer County Health Services known for - what sticks out most when people think of Thayer County Health Services?

  • Thayer County Health ServicesJust today, I received feedback from a new patient apprehensive about developing a relationship with a new provider and network. She made an appointment and said she was overwhelmed by the amount of personalized care she received. Everyone in the facility from the greeter in the lobby to the doctor was respectful and caring towards her and made her comfortable and feel at ease. She was very impressed with the doctor who did not rush her or interrupt her but spent real-time listening to her to understand her needs and medical history. I feel TCHS stands out because the people here go out of their way to care about our patients, provide exceptional care, and treat everyone like family.

What specialties, if any, are offered at the three satellite clinics in Bruning, Davenport, & Deshler?

  • The three clinics provide outpatient primary care services and basic laboratory services to rural areas of our county so those communities can see family care providers for check-ups, follow-up appointments, physicals, and other basic care.

I heard Thayer County Health Services was expanding in staff to better accommodate residents of the county and surrounding communities. What can you tell me about the new hires?

  • Yes, TCHS is growing to care for the needs of the community. We recently added two family providers - Dr. Rick Blatny & Grant Anderson, PA-C, Ph.D. Both of these providers are experienced in rural healthcare and are excellent medical providers each with family ties in the local area. Both have a background in orthopedics and geriatrics. 
  • Our new pain management specialist, Dr. Birthi will begin seeing patients in March 2022 here in Hebron. 
  • Our orthopedics group is also adding the ability to perform shoulder and hip replacements here in Hebron. 
  • On the corporate level we have CFO - Michael Defoe, COO - Amanda Vandervoort, RN, MHA, BBA, CHC and CEO Brian Rokusek. All three started during the fourth quarter of 2021, have rural healthcare experience, and are US military veterans. 
  • We have more physicians expecting to start here in Hebron that will add to our family care group and other services being offered.

In a recent article, we mentioned Thayer County having a high healthcare workforce and the benefits of a work-life balance. What percentage of employees are residents of Thayer County?

  • Thayer County Health Services has about 150 people working day-to-day. We also have specialists that come here once a week to see people and perform surgeries on-site. With that, about 70% of the staff are Thayer County residents.

Last question. Being a new hire, what was it about Thayer County Health Services that made you leave the sunny winters of CA and relocate to the snowy winters of the Midwest?

  • I actually grew up in Dawson County, NE, and had been wanting to move back here for some time. I had worked for an electrical controls company for 24 years, but the opportunity to work at the local hospital, helping my own community was something I jumped at. Within days of moving here, my family and I were welcomed very warmly into the community. We feel right at home being part of such a great community that has so much to offer.

With great communities nestled within Thayer County, it’s no surprise that our hospital thrives. Growing specialties, caring staff, state-of-the art facilities, and a leadership team reaching to new heights are why TCEDA wants to celebrate TCHS’ success. If you are looking for a doctor, a specialist, or a medical service, look no further than right here in Thayer County. If you are looking for opportunities and a great location, just know that we are here to welcome you home.

Come join us here in the good life and thrive in Thayer County. 

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