Thayer County Celebrates the Summer

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13 Jun 2022


According to the calendar, summer officially begins on June 21, 2022. Yet for many students, children, parents, teachers, and school staff, summer begins the day after the last day of school. Understanding most schools ended in May, Thayer County’s summer has begun!

Summer is a great time for communities to come together and tighten their bonds through social gatherings like barbecues, pool parties, outdoor concerts, etc. The days are longer and the nights are warm. Attitudes are festive and smiles are contagious. Summer is also the best time for families to take vacations and create new memories abroad. 

Thayer County has a list of events scheduled to enhance our community bond and give tourists a time to remember. We hope each event will have 100% participation from all Thayer County residents. Full participation enriches our identity and increases the fun-factor.

A Festive Summer

Thayer County is ready for this summer to be our best one yet! We have parades, outdoor cooking, concerts, road rallies, outside vendors, sports tournaments, and more. Thayer County loves family so we have something for everyone. 

Thayer County FairHere is a list of what’s scheduled so far. Click on the links provided for more information: 

Many of the events listed are annual events. Most residents and returning tourists know of the joy that is to come when attending. For new residents and future tourists, Chesterfest and Thayer County’s Fair are hot ticket items on sale now. 

  • Chesterfest tickets can be purchased here. This year, Love and Theft, Bourbon Street, and Pete Gile will be performing. It will be a fun time for all!
  • Thayer County Fair’s tickets can be purchased here. This year, Randy Houser and Parmalee will be performing. You don’t want to miss either artist!

Thayer County is a small county thriving in this big world. We embrace midwestern living. Uniqueness is part of our identity and trademark. We invite tourists to add Thayer County to their travels and experience a taste of the good life this summer! We also invite alumni and former residents to return to their roots and share in a Thayer County Summer to remember!

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