Thayer County Expands Its Housing Options

12 Apr 2023


Thayer County expands its housing options with a new housing development in Hebron. The completion of TCEDA’s 2021 survey highlighted the county’s housing needs with projections through 2026. This survey declared Hebron’s specific target demand for 16 additional rental units. We are pleased to announce that BIC Construction answered the call.

BIC Construction

Being a Nebraskan company created in Lincoln, BIC Construction has a dedication to all things Nebraska. According to their website, BIC Construction is “more than a builder … service flows from our core mission to build timeless spaces that serve communities well.”
Since 2017, BIC Construction has built, remodeled, and repurposed buildings in the following industries:

It’s no doubt BIC Construction is the right company for the job.

Apartment Types

Hebron’s Trailview: Apartments at the Park

What once was Blue Valley Lutheran Homes care facility, will soon be Hebron's Trailview Apartments. They will be located next to a 5-acre park and in close proximity to a nursing home, hospital, assisted living facilities, archery park, walking trail, and a golf course/country club. This location is perfect offering both peace and recreation. 

We spoke with one of BIC Constructions’ founding partners, Boyd Batterman, regarding Hebron’s Trailview:

What value did BIC Construction see in Hebron and in this project?

It is true of many Nebraska communities that we need affordable housing. When we were approached by people in the Hebron community to repurpose and remodel this location, it seemed like the “right” thing to do. Its current construction is very accommodating of multi-family housing styles.

Upon completion, how many units will Trailview have and what are the unit breakdowns?

Trailview will have 22 units:

  •  15, one-bedroom units
  •  Six, two-bedroom units
  •  One, three-bedroom unit

When will this project be move-in ready?

Six units under Phase I will be move-in ready by June 1, 2023, including the three-bedroom unit. By August 1st, more units will be move-in ready. The rest will be market-driven based.

What are the rent ranges by bedroom size? Are utilities included in the rent, separate, or paid by the owner, BCLINC, LLC?

Rent will range:

  • $775/month – one bedroom
  • $925/month – two bedrooms
  • $1,175/month for the three-bedroom unit

Utilities, taxes, and insurance are included along with on-site laundry and off-street parking allowing occupants close proximity to entry points. Internet is a tenant expense and not included in the utilities-paid package.

Are you willing to work with local employers and rent corporate suites to help with their housing needs?

Yes. This location is wonderful for apartment-style or short-term living.

Will there be any employment opportunities soon?

Yes, part-time showing agent/manager, lawn, and snow.

Is there anything else you’d like to add or share that we haven’t covered?

We have enjoyed building in greater Nebraska for nearly 40 years. The appreciation shown is rewarding and a testimony to the character of Nebraskans to represent, ‘The Good Life’ we all enjoy. The Hebron community is helping make this a reality. Everyone who has touched this facility in some way is playing a big role helping bring more multi-families to the area.

Applications are now being accepted. Send an emailed request to with Hebron’s Trailview as the subject.

Your TCEDA team is excited about this project and the future of housing across Thayer County. We commend BIC Construction and Boyd’s team for helping drive growth in Hebron by putting a great asset into a new use.

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